Welcome to the Danish Club in Sydney

If you are interested in getting involved in the Club or in activities with appeal to Danes or to people with an interest in Denmark, then let’s hear from you.

The Club has recently revitalised its capital base via sale of the old clubhouse, we are looking for new activities, and we are easy going – but, we lack people who are prepared to engage, give a hand, and make things happen.

Ideas gone by …

For many years we arranged Mortensaften, Julefrokost, Nytårsparty, Fastelavn, Dronningen’s fødselsdag, Skt Hans, Bingo, Soccer & lunch, Sunday lunch tag-selv-bord, and numerous other dinner/dance/fun events. In the last 5 years, we have seen a declining interest in these kinds of get together events.

We want to offer new activities and avoid simply being stuck in the old ways. So, we are now moving away from these labour-intensive traditional club events.

We are taking aim at the future!

Suggestions for the future …

Have you other suggestions? You can use  email or our Facebook page to let us know.

  • Cooking classes – traditional and modern style Danish cuisine. We rent commercial kitchen space for a day: Learn, cook and enjoy the result.
  • Bus excursion to the Hunter wine district. Learn, taste, and shop.
  • How do I make my financial plan – bridging between Denmark and Australia? Danes near retirement in Australia may not have a plan covering assets and benefits from Denmark and Australia. Younger Danes are facing the possibility of building and managing wealth across two countries.
  • How to manage stocks (aktier) in Denmark and in Australia? A discussion group (ERFA-gruppe) for sharing of experiences, suggestions, and knowledge. Sources may include Dansk Aktionærforening and Australian Investors Association.

Other suggestions – let us hear from you.